We dare enterprising, and we like to be a pioneer. We continue rolling on the right way. Efficiency, enabling us improve the quality of service on the road ahead. Making our services more relevant for the customers. Emerging new ideas and originality constantly; having more efficient tools; Making our work as well as the customers’ more efficiently. We are pioneers in the field of new technology to optimize communication between the technical professionals and customers, to optimize the communication between the suppliers and the consultants, which can make our project more convenient.

The aim of R&D efficiency:
Increasing the energy efficiency of the business activities and assets by using the sustainable development of economy and technology.
Establish the enterprise culture within the company for saving and energy efficiency.
Improve energy efficiency by contributing to the practical action to achieve the commitment of the aim and company.
Achieve the communication and transmission with the enterprise.


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We try our best to provide the strategic planning for our clients. LThe implementation is divided into three stages:

Analysis and the present situation: Setting the concrete targets and clearing the implementation to achieve it. Analyze the company’s energy and set the benchmarking to the departments.

Develop the saving plans and energy efficiency: Setting targets, implementation, and a series of measures to promote the work, strengthen management, facilitate the communication, ensuring the effects.

Establish an action plan: It aims to promote the general plan and achieve the expected targets.


Thanks to the participation of sustainable development, which make us have more opportunities to protect the environment. The latest market research report shows that 40% gas emissions in the earth comes from buildings, which intensifies the changes of the environment.Our experts of sustainable development, the customers and the developers are studying the way to make our buildings more green and sustainable, as well as can reduce the cost. We can make buildings more efficient, reduce gas emissions and save cost. We should take the social responsibility to the climate change.


It is the starting point to cset emission reduction strategy of the greenhouse gas emission by using the carbon footprint to quantify the products, service and the greenhouse gas emissions.
The purpose of carbon footprint measurement

Objetivos del Cálculo de la Huella de Carbono

The main purpose of measuring the carbon footprint:

Understand the product, service, and greenhouse gas emissions of the enterprise;

Reduce energy costs;

Establecer un Plan de Reducción de emisiones

Establish emission reduction strategies;

The environmental obligations of the enterprise;

The benefits of emission reduction.

The benefits of measuring carbon footprint for organizations:

It is the first step to establish emission reduction plan , therefore, it is also the first step to reduce energy consumption and economic costs;

This is a requirement for the customer and management within their corporate social responsibility and / or procurement plans;

Conform to the law of the relevant environmental regulations;

Have competitive advantages in the domestic and international markets;

Enhance the image of the company

We began to use various methods to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions since GRUPTBA:

We can measure the carbon emissions of different levels by using a variety of methods.

Organization: GHG Protocol, ISO 14064. ISO 14069

Products : PAS 2050, ISO 14067

We participate in the environmental measurement and record the whole process of carbon footprint

We develop the inventory and monitoring plan of enterprise emissions

We carry on the real-time monitoring for the carbon footprint

We appeal to reduce the carbon footprint and establish an emission reduction plan.

We participate in the certification work of carbon footprint as technical assistants.

As one of the most important pillar of corporate responsibility, sustainable development has a variety of methods to consolidate and interchange the environmental protection.

The targets of energy sustainability In the area of corporate social responsibility, the main objectives of this service are:

Optimize the projects of environmental protection which can impact the company’s management directly and indirectly.

Establish indicators to determine the degree of the influence on the environment.

Provide the tools which can communicate the specific internal and external environmental responsibilities

Contribute to establish the sustainable development of the market and society


Enhance the benefits of the sustainable development in enterprise:

Fulfill their corporate social responsibility and/or the requirements for the customer and management within procurement plans;

Avoid the conflict which can create the potential negative influence between society and enterprise consciousness.

In line with the requirements of the existing and anticipated legal and regulatory ,and competitive advantages in the domestic and international market.

The unity of the company image: each sector is divided into a responsible company


We use various methods to realize the sustainable development of enterprise management since GRUPTBA:

We measure the carbon footprint and water footprint , including the environmental influence from the product, service and corporate.

We appeal to the reductions of emissions and establish the sustainable strategy .

As a communication and evaluation system, we evaluate the methods to achieve the sustainable development and make a report .

We participate in the certification work of adherence to the established standards as technical assistants.

Protect the environment and improve people's quality of life are the increasingly important aspects of municipal construction. Therefore, the municipal government is committed to provide more efficient service by the municipal sustainable development.


The main purposes of the sustainable development of the city are:

Make the city management more responsible and become the benchmark in the domestic and international enterprise;

Improve the quality of life of the citizens , and reduce the pollution in the centre;

Establish a special task to analyze the completion of related purposes over time.

Create a more participatory and sustainable way urban development.


The benefits of building a sustainable city are:

Reduce the costs of economy, energy, and environment by emissions reduction.

In line with the requirements of the existing and anticipated legal and regulatory;

Citizens can better understand the advantages of living in a sustainable city .

We will keep abreast of the latest developments in the market while reforming and promoting sustainable development in all regions.


We use various methods to realize the sustainable development of management since GRUPTBA:

In addition to the actions of Covenant of Mayors , we are also involved in projects developing of Agenda 21

We participate in the implementation of the ISO 50001 energy management system;

In order to achieve sustainable development of municipal management , we measure the lighting of municipal buildings and public places, and to set methods of emission reduction;

We analyze the most common mobility patterns of the city, and set the improvement initiatives for the sustainable development of urban traffic (PMUS);

We are committed to sustainable development and energy efficiency in different areas, and transform the developing course to SMARTCITIES.


We provide quality control and maintenance, service level auditing, technical project developing, technology review of building repair and maintenance program, contract documents draft and all other related services to real estate development. Our stringent requirements allow us to find improvements in the building, because we know that the appearance of a building is closely related to the internal facility management.


Building a GrupTBA energy audit with a broad spectrum of energy research: Preliminary audit or diagnosis. Evaluate the general condition of the facilities through technical inspection, invoicing and major consumers. Get the status report for the facilities. Come up with suggestions on the measures and energy saving. Propose suggestions of methods and energy-saving.

Deeper analysis systems and devices than pre-diagnostics, and large instruments of electric and thermal measurement. Realize the economic projections for investments, savings and amortization.

Today's energy efficiency goals are achieved by simulating the periodical modification in the same building and getting a series of reliable results, which will help provide data analysis to each forthcoming technical solution.


Thermal simulation, services of energy, fire protection and evacuation, environmental consulting, LEED certification and the pioneer of green building projects .The analysis and simulation of limiting energy demand, as well as the qualification and certification of building efficiency.


DesignBuilder's simulation function can help you extend advanced strategic (greenhouses, natural ventilation, shading, thermal mass, natural lighting, etc.) to complex HVAC systems (VAV, VRV, geothermal, CO2 control, etc.), and improve your design comprehensively.

EnergyPlus™ is a whole building energy simulation program that engineers, architects, and researchers use to model both energy consumption—for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and plug and process loads—and water use in buildings.

eQUEST was designed to allow you to perform detailed analysis of today’s state-of-the-art building design technologies using today’s most sophisticated building energy use simulation techniques but without requiring extensive experience in the 'art' of building performance modeling.
Building energy simulation tool comprehensive enough to be useful to ALL design team members, yet so intuitive ANY design team member could use it, in ANY or ALL design phases, including schematic design, you’ll be able to provide professional-level results in an affordable level of effort.


We know that in the world of real estate, the pursuit of excellence is based on the brilliant professional training. We regard providing the best solutions to the clients constantly as our target. The continuous self-training of the team is also an important reason for us to be successful in the project.


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In order to promote and propagate the concept of energy efficiency in the society, the GrupTBA has made a teaching guide which aims to promote good behaviors and consciousness of energy saving.
The guide aims to improve people's behavioral habits and the materials for electronic engineering so that they can strengthen the effective management of energy, make energy decisions which are benefit to citizen management and responsibility, and take appropriate action to achieve energy saving.
The primary task is to make energy more efficient in our society, therefore we have developed a kind of education to promote the consciousness of energy and propagate our experiences to schools, colleges, community centers and other objects.

  • - Dynamic training activities on popularizing the rational use of energy.
  • - Preparation of energy education materials.
  • - Introductions of the courses and the popularity of the energy audit program.
  • - Energy saving education exhibition and seminar.
  • - Exhibition and energy conservation education seminar.
  • - Informative articles from the Medias.
  • - Popular articles about efficiency.

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