Differential Factor´s Company resides in innovation of our solutions and the ability to establish long term relationships with our customers.

TBA Group reinforces its service structure through, which it offers comprehensive technical advice in those segments of the building market, offering the greatest potential for development, in the coming years. Our employees focus their talents, skills and experience in a single goal: helping our customers to achieve their goals.

Our doctrine is based on the following works:



Headquarters abertis infraestructures – 1st award “3 Diamonds EDITION 2016, for EFFICIENCY AND SUSTAINABILITY” given by the Japanese ambassador, Honourable Mr. Kazuhiko Koshizawa and sponsored by MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE LTD.

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First prize of the “Best idea competition for the residential campus area” – UDC from Elviña, Spain. 2007. Conselleria de Vivenda e Solo. Xunta de Galicia. (Housing office from Galicia) Author: aq4 architecture – engineering and energetic consultant: UrbansTBA- GrupTBA.



Finalist in the tender " SET PORTES DE BARCELONA, LES PORTES DE COLLSEROLLA|TRINITAT " for Barcelona’s city council and in collaboration with “Anna & Eugeni Bach Arquitectos”.
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Finalist " ECO-EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE SINGLE FAMILY HOME " in the 2nd architecture and urbanism triennial (2008) from the Baix Llobregat-Alt Penedes and Garraf, Spain, in collaboration with the architect Nicolas Markuerkiaga. Sponsored by the COAC (Cataluña’s Architects Association)
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First award “44 Official Protection Housing” from Mollerusa, Spain. 2006. Incasol. Generalitat de Catalunya (Cataluña’s Local Government). Author: Author: aq4 architecture – engineering and energetic consultant: UrbansTBA- GrupTBA.

Empresa Patrono
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